domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

how to get from my home Farmatodo

my house is in street 175, for  to go  farmatodo go turn left , go up 175 , there is  175 on the corner  of  avenue 48

This is my poem for my dad

I hope you like

Happy day dad
By Miguel Lopez


crafty, intelligent , work,decided, is my dad
Who love basketball, work, and dasafio
Who is afraid closed places
Who want to go to play NBA, travel and 
happiness to his family


Two songs :)

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.

The message that this song is in little words that not everything in life is about money,because you can enjoy and dance to live without money, also says that before people enjoyed more without thinking about money now, one of the certain phrases in this song is "Money can not buy happiness".

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars

The song is about the dream that this person has to be billionaire, so he can buy everything he wants and do whatever he want also to help social causes such as hungerand homelessness of children and tennegers the phrase "I know we all have a similar dream
look out your wallet, your pocketand put in the air and chant"  tells us that great dream that we share with that is to be millionaires

Comparison two city

In the city of Maracaibo, the economy, it is good because of the oil wells are located on Lake Maracaibo, trade and industries that provide steady income to Maracaibo. Whereas in the city of London, which is considered the fourthmost important city with its economy, which has a high international income shopping centers, and big  attractions and historical.

if we speak of its population that has a lower population maracaibo to London. About  the   temperature has maracaibo 36 °C  to 40 °C  for being closest to the line of Ecuador, however London has a lower temperature of 33 ° transport we see that London has more variety when you move since it has Maracaibo train stations, subways, taxis, buses, airports, etc ... Maracaibo instead only has the airport, subway, taxi and carts for office. Crime in London is much lower than maracaibo, because London has a better safety strategy. In terms of traffic andpollution maracaibo has more traffic because this present a bad roads.

Great barbecue

Dailogue of my barbecue

Miguel: What´s up Janusz,where´s Jose
Janusz: Jose is in the kitchem
Miguel: well, we go to the kitchen
Jose: hello miguel  and janusz , miguel we need meet for barbecue
Miguel: what else  do we need?
Janusz: we need sausage, french fries and drinck

Jose: how many bottle of buchana 18 years old 
Miguel: six bottle
Janusz: ok, we going to the store. see you in a bit.

this it my dailogue. 
thank you

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Katy Perry - Firework

What I get from the video was:

We must face our fears and follow what we feel in our heart
we should not fear the society,because there is nothing to fear

we live  life, not afraid to  society
Live life to the fullest.

This is  my opinion
Thanks for reading

If you like give me your opinion and write me  a coment.